SAF - New Melones Bass Tournament - Delta Region 12/02/18

For high school and junior anglers from any region in California. This event is optional for our club because it is from the Delta Region, not the Northern region. The points earned from this event can be added to your TOC points if you have a minimum of 4 events fished and 2 are in your own region. You have to fish with your same team partner to collect cumulative points,

Launch Ramp: Glory Hole Recreational Area

Last Day to Register: November 28th

Fees: $50 for team

Blast-Off: 7am by boat number*

*Boat numbers will be drawn randomly after 11/28 sign-up date and will be known by pre-check on 12/1.

Weigh-In: Starting at 2pm by flights*

*Multiple flights start at 25 teams and by division

Lunch: Provided after weigh-in.

Trophies: Given to the top 4 high school teams and top 2 junior teams, plus one Big Bass Trophy for whole field- Jr’s and HS combined

Raffle Prizes: Each student will have name placed on one raffle ticket at check-in. No additional tickets can be purchased. Raffle will be done while students are fishing Sunday, December 2nd. Anglers can look for prizes posted when they come for Lunch. Prizes will be held by Club Advisors until after awards are presented- if winners decide to leave before awards presentation, prizes are forfeited and advisors decide what to do with forfeited items.

Tournament Day Check-In: 5am to 6am at Glory Hole Sports, 2892 Highway 49, Angels Camp 95222. After 6am, Check-In will be moved to launch ramp.

Early Check-In: 5pm to 8pm at Travel Lodge in Lobby, 600 North Main St., Angels Camp 95221

Tournament Directors: Mike Spencer 559-261-5296 and Jared Steeley 209-620-1662

Lodging: Travel Lodge if offering discounted room rates for teams if staying Friday AND Saturday nights. Call 209-736-5004 and say you’re with the Fresno Unified High School Tournament. Travel lodge also has many outside outlets for charging batteries. There are other motels in Angel’s Camp and a little farther away in Murphy’s a google search will show.

Fishing Tackle and Information: Glory Hole Sports (209-736-4333) has a great local tackle selection and is the best place for lake and fishing conditions. Owners are Gene and Dawn- tell them you are coming out for the HS Open.

Tournament Details:

  • 5-fish limit, 12-inch minimum, open-mouth to natural tail (no pinching)

  • Blast off at 7am by number

  • Weigh-In by flights starting at 2pm

  • Tie-breaker - number of bass caught (up to 5) followed by big fish weight

  • Violation of rules and guidelines may result in disqualification

Boat Captains

  • Be a coach/mentor first with the primary goal of helping the young anglers learn.  Okay to suggest locations, tackle, or instruct and demonstrate fishing techniques.

  • May demonstrate, but NOT assist anglers in tying on bait, casting, reeling, hooking, retrieving or netting fish at any point from blast-off to weigh-in.

  • May assist anglers in removing backlash or dislodging a snag

  • Will observe anglers for following of rules, safety measures and ethical behavior

  • In the case of equipment failure contact the Tournament Director

  • Have proof of insurance

  • Boat captain may fish IF they wish, so long as it is not detrimental to supporting the anglers they are coaching

  • At no point should a boat captain place a fish not caught by the student angler in a live well. Doing so will result in team’s disqualification


  • Late Penalty – 1lb per minute

  • Dead Fish – 8oz per dead bass

  • Culling of dead fish will result in DQ

  • 5 bass limit in the live well – 2lbs per bass for each bass in possession over limit

  • 12 inch minimum - 1lb per short bass presented

Permitted Fishing Methods

  • No Live Bait

  • Alabama rigs / Umbrella-type rigs are limited to 5 wires with max of 5 spinners, 5 lures & 3 hooks.

  • One line per angler in the water at any time, including any line that is snagged or being repaired for backlash.

  • All fish caught while sight-fishing must be hooked inside the mouth

  • Contestant may not leave boat to land fish or make boat more accessible to fishing waters

  • Only largemouth, spotted, redeye or smallmouth bass are accepted species.


  • The boat captain shall be the only person to operate the combustion engine

  • While engine is in operation, all persons shall be seated in manufacture recommended on plane seating locations with a life jacket fastened and the boat captain shall be connected to an emergency ignition shutoff device.

  • Competitors may operate the trolling motor at the boat captain’s discretion

  • Failure to follow any safety rule will result in disqualification  


  • Any competitor demonstrating unsportsmanlike behavior at any time during the tournament day may be subject to disqualification.  

  • No fishing within 50 yards of a contestant’s boat that was first present

  • All mobile communication during the tournament (including social media posts, voice and text communications) with the intent of locating or catching fish is prohibited.

YS Fishing Club Members that need a boat will need to pay $50 for a boater reimbursement fee. 

Contact Mendi Nevarez at 530-870-3994 if you have any questions.





Registration Payment